►IELTS Speaking Part 2 Questions and Answers: Topic 276 - Why do people Learn English?

Describe an unforgettable class activity that you have taken part in as part of your English study.
You should say:
 - What this activity was
 - When and where you did this activity
 - How you did it
And explain how you benefited from this activity.

Ielts Speaking part 2
Topic 27 - Why do people Learn English?

►IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions and Answers: Topic 27 -  Why do people Learn English?

1. Why do people learn English in China?
2. Some people say that if you are going to work in a Chinese company in China, then learning English is a waste of time. Do you agree?
3. What do you think is the best age for children to begin learning English?
4. Would you say it’s better to study English overseas than in China?
5. Do adults have more difficulties than children in learning a foreign language?
6. Why do people prefer to study English over other languages?
7. English is now used as an international language. What other languages do you think might develop into international languages?
8. Besides English, what other foreign languages do people study in China?
9. Compare the future popularity of Chinese and English as foreign languages to study.
10. Do you think studying foreign languages can benefit world peace? (How?)
11. What difficulties do you think international guests might have when they study Chinese?

Ielts Speaking part 3
Topic 27 -Why do people Learn English?

✪ IELTS Speaking Test (Band 8) Part 2, 3

Topic 27 – Why do people Learn English?

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