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Complete IELTS Bands 5 – 6.5(Pdf Book + Audio)

Book Description

Complete IELTS Bands 5 – 6.5 combines the very best in contemporary classroom practice with stimulating topics aimed at young adults wanting to study at university. It is designed to introduce students to the critical thinking required for IELTS and provide strategies and skills to maximise their score. The 10 topic-based units offer step-by-step approach to completing the different task-types for reading and listening and stimulating speaking activities to increase confidence and fluency. A Language Reference provides further grammar and vocabulary explanations and examples while Writing and Speaking References complete with tasks, sample answers and exercises.


Complete IELTS 5- 6.5 Student's book free download

20. Complete IELTS Bands 5-6.5 Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM

Complete IELTS 6.5- 7.5 Workbook free download

20 . Complete IELTS Bands 5-6.5 Workbook with Answers with Audio CD

IELTS Cambridge Books

The Student's Book with answers contains 8 topic-based units with stimulating speaking activities, a language reference, grammar and vocabulary explanations and examples, to ensure that students gain skills practice for each of the four papers of the IELTS exam. The with Answers edition contains recording scripts for the listening material and complete answer keys. It also includes a complete IELTS practice test to allow students to familiarise themselves with the format of the exam. The CD-ROM contains additional skills, grammar, vocabulary and listening exercises.answers.

Student book 

The Workbook with Answers with Audio CD contains extra practice corresponding to the units of the Student's Book.

Work book 

Reader review

Help Tips for purchase

This book is for use in IELTS prep courses, hence the name Student's Book (and Workbook)
For the version with answer key, CD-ROM and Audio CDs, you need to find the Student's Pack - in this case i think ISBN 978-0521179539. To prevent mistakes it is helpful to look for keywords like 'self-study' or 'Audio CD included' in the description by San

CDs that do not contain the listening material

I find it very devious of publishing companies to include a CD which does not contain the dialogues and other listening passages in the book. Practices such as this encourage people to try and download the right CDs illegally. If the whole package came together at a reasonable price, a lot more people would buy it. As it is now, I just feel like not buying the book (although I would LOVE to use it because it is good stuff) only to boycott the current situation. by silvio sergio scatolini

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