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Barron’s IELTS Superpack (Pdf Books & CDs) 2nd Edition 


Book Description

Academics and professionals looking to validate their English language proficiency by taking the IELTS get the most comprehensive preparation available anywhere with Barron’s IELTS SuperpackIt consists of the new 3rd edition of the Barron’s brand-new IELTS manual with 2 audio CDs, IELTS Practice Exams with 2 audio CDs.

More About the Author

Lin LOUGHEED started his EFL career in 1968 as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkey. He earned his doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University and has received two Fulbright awards: a scholar grant in Sri Lanka and a professor grant in Tunisia. In 1983, he founded Instructional Design International, Inc. to develop English teaching materials in all media. Lin is a past member of the TESOL Executive Board and has served as the chair of two special interest groups: Teaching English Internationally and Materials Writers. He has written over 40 English-as-a-foreign-language texts and has a daily radio show in China on business English.

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Reader review

But when it comes to preparing for real exam the book is a waste of time 

Rather acceptable book. But when it comes to preparing for real exam the book is a waste of time. You'd rather get practice tests and focus on them. by Team

if you look for new vocabulary and improve your writing skills, this book is vry good for you. by Amir

This Helped me a lot for my tests. by Tom

This book met my expectations. by Anishka Sears

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