IELTS Speaking Part 1- Topic 17: Weekend


IELTS Speaking Part 1: Common Topic in IELTS Exam | Topic 17: Weekend

1. How do you usually spend your weekends?
2. In your country, do men and women usually do the same kind of things on weekends?
3. When do you spend time with your family?
4. What do you usually do on weekends?
5. What did you do last weekend?
6. What do other people in your hometown usually do on weekends?
7. What are you going to do next weekend?
8. Is there anything new that you’d like to do on weekends?
9. Do you like working on weekends?
10. Do you think employees should have to work on weekends?
11. Do you feel that weekends now are more important to you than when you
were a child?

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Normally I’ll go out to some stunning natural places to let off steam with my family or friends on weekends; but if it’s not sunny, I’ll stay at home for the whole weekend. Mostly I just use the Internet to kill time.

I guess some men play sports while women may just do housework. So men may probably do things for their own interest, by contrast, women spend more time for their families.

I always spend the whole weekends with my family. I barely work on weekends.

Last weekend, I took my son to the Nanjing Botanic Garden to go to see the various plants. We went into the greenhouse exhibition of plants which was very remarkable.

Well, there are so many people in my hometown, it’s really hard to say, probably most people tend to stay at home to enjoy family time, but personally speaking, I guess there are not too many entertainments in my small hometown for people to go to.

Next week, I plan to do some shopping because as the Spring Festival is just around the corner, I need to go to the supermarket to buy food and other groceries; besides, I have to buy some new clothes for my family for the coming New Year, it’s an old Chinese tradition.

Yes, actually I’ve been thinking about going to the gym on Saturdays. I have to do some exercise, I’m so out of shape now!

Absolutely no! That’s crazy. I have to relax no matter what. Weekends are not for work!!!

If I were an employee, I would think this is a horrible idea. Employees are human; we all deserve to have some off-work time. Yes, the main factor is that after five days of hard work, I really need some leisure time to let off steam, or travel around to experience the countryside. Whereas, when I was a kid, I had plenty of time to play, every day was almost the same

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