51 IELTS Phrases for Speaking & Writing You Must Know | Part 1


51 IELTS Phrases for Speaking & Writing You Must Know | Part 1

Hi IELTS Learners,

Today, we would like to share with you the most structures that have been most used in IELTS Exam. So, please open your notebook to take note of them. You may get a high score in IELTS Speaking & IELTS Writing task 2

Let’s get started!

  1. Take advantage of

Eg. Let’s take advantage of the good weather and go to the beach

  1. In favour of

Eg. I am all in favour of trying to find ways to save money

  1. In charge of

Eg. Who’s in charge of the project?

  1. On account of

Eg. On account of your father, I’ll forgive you this time

  1. By means of

Eg. I opened the bottle by means of a bottle opener

  1. Be at stake

Eg. 3000 jobs are at stake if the company closes down

  1. Be concerned about

Eg. I am very concerned about the result of my test

  1. Take smt into consideration

Eg. The candidate’s experience must be taken into consideration

  1. Demand for smt

Eg. At tax season, there is a high demand for accountants

  1. To be interested in smt

Eg. I’m interested in watching sports with my friends

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