Phrasal Verbs for IELTS Speaking | Part 1 Topic: Education, Family, Travel, Environment


Phrasal Verbs for IELTS Speaking 

Hi IELTS learners,

Today, we would like to share with you the most phrasal verbs that have been most used in IELTS Exam. These phrasal verbs are categorized by topic such as education, family, travel,…etc. So, please open your notebook to take note of them. These phrasal verbs may help you get a high score in IELTS Speaking & IELTS Writing task 2

Let’s get started!

Topic: Education

Fall behind

Eg. Being addicted to video games makes me fall behind in my class.

Catch up

Eg. I have been trying to catch up on the assignment from last week.

Go over

Eg. I always go over my revision notes before I take the exam.

Read up on

Eg. If you are interested in taking another course in college, you should read up on it before deciding.

Drop out

Eg. Nowaday, many students drop out of college to work and support their families

Hand in/Turn in

Eg. I handed my assignment in late as usual. 

Sum up

Eg. After each lesson, it’s necessary to sum up the main points

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