IELTS Speaking Part 1- Topic 20: Tree


IELTS Speaking Part 1: Common Topic in IELTS Exam | Topic 20: Tree


1. Do you like trees?
2. Are there any important trees in your country?
3. Is there a forest near your hometown?
4. Would you like to live in a place that has a lot of trees?
5. Where can one find trees (or forests) in your country?
6. Do you think places with trees attract more visitors than places with few
7. Did you ever climb trees when you were a child?
8. Have you ever planted a tree?
9. Do you think more people should plant trees?
10. Do you think we should plant more trees?
11. Do you think trees are important?
12. What would you say are the benefits of having trees?
13. Do you think we need to protect trees?

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Yes, I am a tree lover because trees let me breath more easily, and without them, I couldn’t survive much longer.

There are many important trees in my country. The use of bamboo, for example, can be used for everything from furniture making to building construction. Also, weeping willow trees symbolized new hope in ancient China, therefore, there are many poems complimenting them.

Yes. It’s just the world-renowned Huangshan Mountain with various kinds of trees living there; the most famous are the pine trees.

Yes, I’m really into getting close to nature cos I believe it’s the most healthy and natural way of living. Although it’s unreasonable to have such a polluted lifestyle in Nanjing now, I still keep hold of that dream for my future life.

I guess trees can be easily seen in my country. If you are in cities, there are always many sycamore trees along the streets and if you are in the suburb areas, you will see forests of various sizes.

Well, yes. Obviously, places with lots of trees are shadier, cooler, more humid and much less windy, therefore, people feel more comfortable and more likely to get close to nature.

Yes, of course. There are many trees in my community. When I was a kid, I always climbed trees to get higher or to find birds’ eggs.

Yes, once. Thinking back I remember when my middle school organized a hiking trip to a mountainous area, we planted several saplings in the forest, I guess they have grown up into big trees already.

Yes, I believe more trees should be planted both in and outside the cities because they can absorb the pollutant gases and provide more oxygen; besides, trees can save water and prevent soil erosion. Therefore, trees are critically important to keep our ecosystem balanced. We are supposed to not only plant more trees but also protect the existing ones

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